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Landscape Curbing - Appleton & Madison Wisconsin

Curb Appeal, located in Appleton and Madison, Wisconsin, installs continuous concrete landscape edging, also known as landscape curbing.  Concrete edging or landscape curbing is an affordable way to beautify your landscaping with a maintenance free product. It can be installed around trees, flowerbeds, sidewalks and just about anywhere you like. Our curbing comes in multiple shapes, colors, stamp patterns, and textures. Whether you have new construction or an existing landscape, Curb Appeal is the only option. 

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In addition to adding beauty and value to your home, landscape curbing also helps to contain your landscaping, and even better yet, helps to prevent pesky weeds from creeping into your mulch and garden areas. The heaviness of the concrete provides a solid barrier between your beautiful landscaping and annoying weeds.

We service customers in Northeast Wisconsin (Appleton, Green Bay, Oshkosh) as well as the Madison and Northern Milwaukee, Wisconsin area. So whether you are looking to affordably add beauty to your landscaping, value to your home, or simply protect your gardening from weeds, landscape curbing from Curb Appeal is the right choice for you.